The Winter Flu 2017/18 vs Covid 19 Thread

Ok guys.

I’m charting the level of deaths in the 2017/18 Winter flu season vs Covid 19’s return in the same period.

It runs from Dec to the following March. I will be looking at the O6 figures as my sample.

Covid currently holds a 297 advantage after the December figures but the Winter flu had a mammoth campaign in Jan 2018.


There are many variables to consider for causes of deaths in Northern Ireland

No mindless violence at the McKenna Cup this year.

2020 the clear champion for me with a whopping 1600 deaths over its nearest rival.

Not fair to compare the two illnesses. Flu had a readily available vaccine

My sources tell me that Covid WILL NOT surpass the Winter flu death toll for 17/18 in January 2018.

Numbers to be confirmed probably early next week but I have been told to expect the death toll for January 2021 to be below that of the 2,101 recorded in January 2018.

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This is intriguing. But I did a google, and you may know more, but according to this summary report the death toll was 255 in the 2017/2018 season. Am I missing something?

Speadsheet above.

2,101 died in January 2018.

Of course if we had PCR testing for flu (cc @glenshane) and automatically attributed any death with a positive PCR test within 28 days, irrespective of whether it was the cause of death or not - how many multiples of that number do you think you’d have?

I’m not being argumentative, I was planning on sharing this knowledge to try calm down some screaming Nuala’s I know. But is that 2101 figure just total deaths then in January 2018 then?

EDIT, ah wait, that seems to be a total deaths figure from NI?

Nevermind. Carry on.


Total deaths.

Mad that nobody batted an eyelid in the winter flu season of 17/18 when people were dying off by the bucket load from flu.

Not arguing at all. Just clarifying so I may carry the good word.

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Poor @Fulvio_From_Aughnacloy

You’re a flu denier.

But don’t forget, there was no lockdown back in 2017/18 and deaths would have been much higher this year with no lockdown.

There was however a vaccine in 17/18.

How did you work that out?

Winter flu 17/18 is on the comback trail. Reels Covid 19 in by 179 in January.

So basically this thread is pointless…

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We had a flu vaccine jab available in the leadup to the winter flu season in 17/18.