Arise, Sir Boris

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Never saw that coming

The two boys are delighted for Boris :smile:

Borris elected with a far stronger mandate than Leo the Liar was.

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Let the games begin.

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But why is it always tossed?

A bold choice by all. Let’s hope it works out for everyone and he delivers on his promises

The world as we know it is fucked. I enjoy trump and Boris from a selfish point of view and find it amusing how much they drive snowflakes insane but this can’t be good in the long run.


100% agree.

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Twitter will go into Meltdown now.

In 100 years time historians will have a very hard time trying to decide why the US and UK both just decided one day to end being proper serious countries.

It’s easier to explain for the US - massive underlying racism, a backlash against the first black president, the two party system and toxic Hillary. That doesn’t quite explain it though because the like of Jeb Bush or whatever were still all white guys so I think wage stagnation has to be a factor also.

For the UK it’s harder to explain. Jeremy Hunt was a decent candidate I thought. I suppose the link again might be that people (middle class white people) are angry about their gradual loss of status and everyone else catching up with them and they want to burn the system thats allowed that to happen. Maybe that’s it.

I don’t really think the economy in Northern England explains Boris’s rise so much because he’s been elected by rich Tory members, not the general public, although obviously that was a massive influence on Brexit in the first place.

The only silver lining is the enjoyment of watching this cunt destroy his horrible country.


Very simple . A lot of Ordinary people felt the political establishment let them down . I can’t say how this will play out .

Proper leaders in power now

The establishment left a lot of people down during the crash. This is the result. People want a different type of politics and governance.

There used to be an unspoken sense that the government was run by highly intelligent mandarins who were prepared to look after the affairs of State for a fraction of what they’d get in the private sector. That sense was shattered in this country the night Pat Neary went on television and the nation realized that it had left the rather important matter of financial regulation in the hands of a blithering idiot. This played out worse when he got his payoff and then when the similarly hapless Kevin Cardiff got sent to a fine job in Brussels as a reward for his incompetence.

The reality is that the old social/christian democrat - civil service axis has been in power too long across the western world and has been corrupted and that we are at the beginning of a phase where a new politics will emerge.


Fine Gael and Fianna Fail still rule the roost in this country

The Tories rule the roost in Britain

The Republicans rule the roost in the US

There is no new politics, it’s just that the right wing establishment have well and truly taken the gloves off and put their jackboots on


That’s the new politics. Are you going to try and convince me that Trump is cut from the same cloth as George Bush? The new politicians are taking over political parties from the inside. The hard right infiltrating the Tories and the Republicans and the hard left taking over Labour and the Democrats. It hasn’t played out fully here yet, but it probably will.

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And 40 years of concerted anti-intellectualism from right-wing media has also led us to this situation

Posters like @anon7035031 who are highly aggressive and utterly certain of their totally wrong understanding of everything wouldn’t have been possible without it

Republicans don’t rule the roost in the US.

In case you missed it, Democrats took control of the House of Representatives in 2018. The House is where legislation gets proposed and passed, including spending bills. Trump is essentially a lame duck president and if he wants to get anything done has to work with Democrats in the House, for example the debt ceiling and budget deal they agreed to yesterday.

Republicans well and truly do rule the roost

They have the presidency, the senate, the Supreme Court and a majority of state houses and governorships, as well as a Goebbelsian mediaa propaganda machine

They also have a Democratic house who are supine and unwilling to stand up to the fascist in power

In future, you should preface all your posts with the line “I was born yesterday”

Putin is absolutely loving this. Russia will become no 1 again.

Hon Vlad.