Coronavirus Thread - Pause before - The Final Battle (Part 1)

We go again

And again

And again


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if we had the level 5 circuit breaker when Holohan called for it we’d be nearly out of it now.

Out of what?!

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@Tim_Riggins post in last thread was a top post.

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Level 5, instead of going into it, assuming it worked

You assume too much.

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How long were we in Level 5 equivalent last time. If NPHET have their way we’ll be locked down for 16 weeks so we’d be two weeks into it.

At least we had two weeks to get ready for this one.

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Joeeeeee Duffeeeee will be great fun in a while

I’ve the Nutella pancakes ready and a pot of coffee.

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We aren’t anywhere close to being as bad as we were back in the peak, right now, so I think a 2/4 week circuit breaker was feasible. Also, I think giving level 3 a chance for a week or 2 more was feasible, but I think there was genuine concern about having level 5 timeline coincide with Christmas. At least doing it now they give people hope that there’ll be some bit of an easing before Christmas

Its a cod


I hate everyone and everything today.


We’d be spiked again by Christmas. This might have timed it better. In fairness, if Christmas wasn’t approaching they might have been able to stick it out for level three to work, timing was against them.

By the way, Una Mullally was writing about preparing for Christmas a month ago before anyone thought of it. I’m sure all her TFK fans will be along soon to acknowledge her prescience. cc @artfoley

Wow, writing about preparing for Christmas. What a fucking visionary she is.


You wouldn’t hear of many women like that


I wonder will she buy a few ferrero

pretty much everyone i know has been preparing for christmas in a lockdown.

besides, i wouldve thought that mulally would be an atheist

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This is a Mickey mouse lockdown compared to March.

We have schools/construction/GAA going on now which we didn’t back then.

It took 8 weeks in March to bring it down to below 50.

Add in that compliance from the public will be less than 50% of last time and I think it’ll be 6 months before we return to June/July case numbers.

It’s insanity what’s happening.