Coronavirus - Here for life (In high population density areas)

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Nobody knows yet who got it right or wrong. Your only suggestion has been we should have done what New Zealand did which is so nonsensical that it doesn’t merit arguing with.

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But sure you’re saying we should have done what Sweden did and you think that argument has merit.

New Zealand has managed to suppress the virus for a long time through hard work and sacrifice.

The will wasn’t there to even explore the possibility of achieving it - because sure the North. What are you going to do.

Instead, you don’t want restrictions. You won’t say what you want. But not hospitality closed. Definitely not that.

Sweden, something, something. But Sweden are admitting they failed drastically and are looking to follow the model where restrictions bring down cases. They are drafting emergency legislation to do so.


It helps to put some perspective on this, healthcare workers are likely quitting everywhere due to Covid. There is evidence of this, LA and California have had long periods of stay at home orders/lockdowns and are seeing similar.

There is no evidence that this was down to a lockdown decision in March, move on from it. Sweden’s ICUs have seen the same pressure and same release points as most of Europe.


I struggle to believe anything i read in relation to SWEDEN as it’s a hugely emotive subject for both sides of the debate and almost every news report or article is coloured with bias.


Because it was larger than just the North. No European country has reasonably considered NZ as it is impossible in a part of the world so densely populated and with as many land borders as Europe. It is simply impossible. The Zero Covid chancers will give examples of where places went for Zero Spanish Flu and succeeded, but they won’t give the places that failed.

The sheer connectivity of Europe and reliance on roll on/roll off trade just makes it impossible. Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne have all had Zero Covid breaches. These would happen daily and probably weekly in Europe, it’s a pipe dream.


That’s lies Tim.

Most of Europe haven’t had to send out mandates to not treat old and fat people. Stockholm got a mandate in the 1st wave for that.

100 nurses had to be transferred from a childrens hospital to ICU wards in Stockholm, where else is this happening.

Finland is on standby to help Sweden with surge ICU capacity?

Where else is that happening?

Jesus you’re going down the New Zealand road now? I must say I gave you more credit that that.

Did we not send help to the north a fortnight ago?

I neither want or need your credit. I didn’t go down any road. I said it wasn’t explored as a possibility because the will wasn’t there.

You want to go down a failed road.

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The north isn’t in Europe

It is.

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ok, what help did we send them? Did we offer them ICU beds? Did we send up nurses and doctors?

We offered to help, like Finland did for Sweden.

are you looking for me to validate you again you poor cunt


Did Germany not help out a few countries by giving them ICU beds?

Do you remember the chinese doctors arriving from wuhan? Seems like a long time ago now