You are still stuck arguing about Covid Part 6 of infinite (Part 7)

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The next 10,000 posts are crucial.


You absolute shower of fucking cunts


Decent post @Arthur

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I don’t wage any culture war, however there are several posters here who do and have polar opposite opinions to me on pretty much every subject, and what’s more they form their opinions in deliberate opposition to me rather than knowing anything about a subject, so much so that they’ve driven themselves demented. The culture war is only waged by very vocal self identified right wingers who are headcases.

Pretty much the entirety of the world’s scientific and medical community disagree with you. Those that do “think” it was a cod have pretty much all discredited themselves hilariously and have effectively removed themselves form the mainstream medical and scientific community in favour of the lucrative grift of quackery, conspiracy theories and culture war demagoguery.

I think people have more to be worried about now than an aul sore throat or a runny nose.

Especially since the magic money tree is gone.

It was a real illness but wiping down Busy at Maths 4 with an antiseptic wipe or queuing outside woodies in the rain probably made little real difference

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Yes unfortunately it is a very real illness and remains so.

I don’t know how much difference antiseptic wipes made, probably not much, but that doesn’t mean it was stupid to use them, it was eminently sensible to do so.

All social distancing measures helped. In the absence of Zero Covid policies which worked brilliantly elsewhere as a bridge to mass vaccination, which is by far the primary reason we’re in a decent situation now, lockdowns obviously helped most.

but @mikehunt not sending the mother in law a birthday card for fear of her getting covid from the envelope made all the difference


I have a nagging feeling this winter will be brutal with a nasty strain of flu and another few new Covid variants to deal with. My only advice is to focus on staying healthy.

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It was a cod.

I caught covid in February as an unvaccinated awkward squad member. Saying that. I only presume I did as I wouldnt bother with any PCR or antigen tests.

It didnt lay a glove on me pal. 36 hours and I was perfect again.

Prior to that though for not going along with the narrative I was lambasted for not protecting people or some bullshit like that. To be clear, I’m not talking about here but across the mainstream media and the public in general.

As things stand I still wouldnt be allowed into the US I don’t think without an aul cert.

It was a load of bollocks. Its still a load of bollocks. A money racket for big pharma really at the end of the day. Ignorance on our FFG government at best maybe.


One anecdote based on a case which you do not even know was Covid is not data. It’s not even remotely relevant to anything being discussed here.

You do not know more than the entirety of the world’s medical and scientific community. Your problem is you think you do.

This is called the Dunning-Kruger effect and it’s rife on this forum as it is elsewhere on the internet, and it’s a major reason why our world is becoming ungovernable which means it’s a major reason for a major, escalating and wide ranging global crisis reminiscent of the 1920s and 1930s, which has been playing out for the last decade or so, and looks set to get worse.


I was up in Dublin the weekend before and two friends of mine rang me saying they were “covid positive”. I had been drinking pints with them for the day.

I won’t lie, I had a serious runny nose and a bit of a temperature but it was totally grand. Next day perfect. They suffered more and were fully vaccinated.

I also know people who have been triple vaccinated and have suffered way worse. One fella has had to quit work. His head is scrambled from long covid. This fella is freakishly fit too.

Its bizarre. I’m not saying the vaccine is at fault or anything but it is odd.

Excess deaths are also scarily up since July. Late diagnosis of cancer etc is really not good and was never considered.

Even today in Ireland, only 40% of cases in hospital with Covid are there primarily because of covid. That sentence alone 12 months ago would have resulted in you being a nutjob far right poster.


So if this is true, of the 7 million that died of Covid, 6.4 million could have been saved by the proper dosage of ivermectin. Dosage which could have been determined in a large scale clinical trial by a big pharma company, had they been interested in such.

And if it’s not true?

We can all be grateful i suppose?

This is what you’re dealing with. The virus was killing a thousand a day in multiple countries but because one person sweated a non covid bug out overnight means Covid was a cod.

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There must be few lads out there looking for the reinstatement of the PUP before the Crimbo


Im in America now, the Yanks are done with covid


In San Francisco they weren’t. They love a mask. One fella left it on his chin while he drank a few pints. That’s fair dedication to masks

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